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June Interview

On the Yahoo Alexander Abt Fan Group there is a new

I'm copying it here for those who aren't registered.

We met Sasha on June 1 before the show in Jaroslavl and were able to
give him the messages of the fans. He was really happy to receive
them and says thanks to all of you. Sasha took his time and answered
all your questions. Here comes the interview:

Q: Do you plan to stay in the USA for the rest of your life or do
you want to return to Russia?

A: Right now I'm planning to stay in the United States. I don't know
about my whole life yet, but my plan right now is to stay in the
United States, because I'm teaching there and my wife is also
Q: We know that you are coaching, so do you single out any of your
students to be able to compete in major events?

A: No. There are three students, two girls of different age and one
boy. They are not of very high level. They're are not bad, I'm
working with them. I plan to continue working with them.
Q: Is it true that you came to Greece for vacation last summer?
A: No, I didn't go to Greece. Before I went to Grand Cayman
(islands). I did some diving there.
Q: What is your most memorable competition?
A: The Olympic Games in Salt Lake Citys were my most memorable
Q: Can you tell a funny story from skating?
A: No... it's a funny story in itself that I'm skating. It's one big
funny story.
Q: What's your favourite place where you ever skated?
A: Favorite place? (is thinking for a moment) I don't think there is
a favorite place. I like where I'm staying right now, in New
England. I really like that place, Cape Cod. The best place and
the best competition was at the Olympic Games.
Q: Who do you think will be the hope of Russian figure skating? Do
you see any future star?

A: The have not bad guys, the younger ones. But I don't think they
are as talented as Yagudin or Plushenko.
Q: What does figure skating mean to you?
A: It's my life and my job.
Q: Did you ever regret anything in your figure skating career?
A: No, I don't have any regrets.
Q: Do you feel you would do well under Code of Points (the new
judging system)? The fan who sent this question thinks you would
score very high thanks to your amazing presentation skills and
your pure edges and you wouldn't necessarily need the quad.

A: I know that the level of Men's skating dropped a little bit
without the quad, after Alexei (Yagudin) and I retired. How
everything would be for me, I can't say. I finished my eligible
career, I opened a new chapter in my life, I have a professional
career, I'm coaching children. I don't think about what would be
(if he had stayed on).
Q: How many hours are you on the ice as a coach and for your own

A: About four, five hours every day at the rink. I'm skating about
one hour for myself and for three, four hours I'm teaching kids.
Q: What circumstances caused that you left the competition world? Do
you have more spare time now?

A: Yes, I have a little more spare time that I spend with my family,
with my son.
Q: You never talk about your family. But what can you tell your fans?
A: My son finished kindergarden and is attending school (first
grade) this year. I'm now thinking about buying an appartement or
house this september. We're looking for a place where we can stay
and live, a place that is good for my son, because he is going to
school. We moved a lot (before), and it was very hard. Now I want
to find a home.
Q: Are you enjoying more to be a pro skater than competing?
A: Yes, I'm enjoying more to be a professional skater.
Q: In the New Year's eve show in Moscow you were flying through the
air suspended by wire. What did you think? Were you afraid?

A: I didn't think anything. It was just part of my job. Anyway, it
was kind of a fun story. The show was for kids. I was the bad
guy, "Mr. Freeze". It was fun for me, because I did something
like this for the first time. It was like a theatre performance.
I was very happy to do that.
Q: This question comes from the USA. Will there be any opportunity
for you to skate in shows in the United States?

A: Right now I'm open for any kind of shows. It's up to my agent. If
there are any invitations it will be my pleasure to skate in
shows there.
Q: You have many fans in the USA.
A: If there are any shows, I'm available for that.
Q: This question comes from me. Are you a person who needs action?
You grew up in a big city, how do you feel when you're for
instance in Oberstdorf? Do you enjoy the countryside and the
silence or do you miss the bustle?

A: Well, now I'm living in Cape Cod, that's not a big city, it's
more a village, and I like it in the village more. It's more
quiet than living in a big city. For me and my family there is
more fresh air, and I prefer that.
Q: Is it hard for you that part of your family and your parents are
in Russia and you're mostly in the USA?

A: Yes, it's hard, but when I have the time I'll always come to stay
with my family and see my mum and dad.
Q: Do have some advice for beginners how to get better edges and
better speed? You can develop speed so easily on the ice.

A: I'm trying to do new programs each year and I'm trying to upgrade
my skating skills. I'm teaching and I'm telling them, it depends
on what they will do! I taught myself many things, and I try to
share my knowledge with my kids (students). There are a lot of
secrets (laughes).

*on the site it says it's from June 2005 but judging from the answers it must be from June 2006*
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